International Students & Programs Office Contacts

Find ISPO staff on the 1st floor of Student Center B, located on the corner of Gilman Drive and Mandeville Lane, or call (858) 534-3730. Visit our contact page for office hours and appointment times.

International Students & Programs Office (ISPO) Staff

  • Dulce Dorado

    Dulce Dorado

    Director of International Students & Programs Office
    Assistant Dean, International Center

    As the Director of the International Students & Programs Office, Dulce Dorado enjoys helping students achieve their academic and personal goals. She received her bachelor's degree in Political Science and minor in Japanese Studies from UC San Diego. Dulce's career in international education has included advising international students both in university and English language program settings, developing innovative programs to engage international students in campus life, advising undergraduate students pursuing programs abroad, and teaching English at a public high school in Japan on the Japanese Exchange Teaching (JET) Program. She encourages students to share their culture and language with fellow classmates so everyone can benefit from the intercultural exchange and dialog. When away from the office, Dulce enjoys photography and hiking in the local mountains. Dulce loves the feeling of accomplishment when she reaches the summit and looks out onto the beautiful scenery.

  • Tricia Chan Schueler

    Tricia Chan Schueler

    Assistant Director of International Student Services

    As the Assistant Director of International Student Services, Tricia enjoys the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Scripps College and a Master of Arts in International Education from New York University and has over 10 years of experience in the field of international education. While attending college, some of her most memorable experiences were from studying abroad in Beijing, China and Sussex, England. These experiences abroad encouraged her to travel to Japan to teach for two years and to return to the US to work directly with international students. She encourages students to be proactive and to take advantage of the benefits that come with being an international student in a new country. Tricia advises students to remember to balance their studies with having fun in San Diego When Tricia is not working, she enjoys running around Mission Bay, taking her dog, Roscoe to the Ocean Beach dog beach and traveling with her family.

  • Gabriela Hoffmann

    Gabriela Hoffmann

    Assistant Director of International Programs

    A Southern California native, Gabriela Hoffmann received her undergraduate degree in history from UC Riverside and a Master's degree in European Studies from the University College London. She really enjoys the interactive element of her job and helping students navigate through the ins and outs of life here as an international student. She recommends that international students get involved in the local community and UC San Diego campus as much as they can. It will hugely benefit their time abroad and will lead to life-long friendships. Gabi's international experiences are many. She has lived in South Korea, Japan, England, and southern Austria. In her free time, Gabi really enjoys hiking and walking, especially around Torrey Pines.

  • Tiffany Presley

    Tiffany Presley

    ISPO Office Manager

    Tiffany is a San Diego native (raised in Chula Vista) and has been affiliated with the University of California for more than 8 years. First, as an undergraduate at UC Davis, where Tiffany received her BA in Linguistics and Human Development, and most recently as an Administrative Assistant at the UC San Diego Career Services Center. Tiffany is passionate about working with students and assisting them on their journey through the university experience. She is especially drawn to the diverse learning experiences that come from working with people from all around the world. Tiffany has a strong interest in studying languages (she is currently studying Spanish, Japanese, and Korean) and graphic design. On the weekends, Tiffany spends lots of time at Disneyland; she is a proud Disneyland annual pass-holder!

  • Barry Fass-Holmes, Ph.D.

    Barry Fass-Holmes, Ph.D.

    Analytical Studies Coordinator

    As Analytical Studies coordinator, Barry conducts analytical studies on international students' academic progress, engagement, and satisfaction. With a bachelors, masters and doctorate in Psychology, plus a background in public education, Barry has an interest in contributing to the improvement of students' academic achievement. "I'm impressed and amazed by how international students perform so well here at UC San Diego. Students know so many languages." During Barry's free time, his activities include philanthropy, volunteer work, cycling, tennis and animals.

  • Ricky Paniagua

    Ricky Paniagua

    Compliance Coordinator

    Originally from the San Francisco Mission District, Ricky grew up equally between San Francisco and San Diego and calls both of them home. His educational and professional background focus in Sociology and Organizational Leadership and he has held various positions over the course of his career in international education that have led him to become Compliance Coordinator. He has traveled to 40 of the 50 states, Canada, Mexico and throughout Europe and Asia. He also works as a certified yoga instructor with UCSD Recreation FitLife and finds he is able to meld his passion for yoga, cultural and interpersonal awareness, and a desire to better the greater community by working with the students at UC San Diego in both capacities. He also enjoys studying Ayurveda, trying new fine dining experiences, music, movies, and writing. 

  • Chanelle Castaneda

    Chanelle Castaneda

    Intake Advisor

    Chanelle reccently relocated back to San Diego, her hometown, after living in Guam for the past 3 years. While in Guam, Chanelle worked for the University of Maryland University College, and prior to that, worked at California State University Northridge, where she completed her undergraduate education. Having spent time in Africa, Costa Rica, and Guam, Chanelle understands the difficulties of living in a foreign country and she is glad to be part of a team who can help out!

  • Peter Jombik

    Peter Jombik

    Intake Advisor

    Peter is a proud Triton, having graduated from UC San Diego with the Bachelor's degree in International Studies. Growing up in Europe, traveling extensively in Asia, and living the American Dream in California have all contributed to his affinity for anything international, and made him the true world citizen he is today. Being a student of Eleanor Roosevelt College (ERC), he followed ERC's main theme of "developing world citizens through scholarship, leadership, and service." During his senior year, Peter participated in the UC Education Abroad Program at the University of Hong Kong, tutored international students with the English-In-Action Program, and volunteered at the International Rescue Committee to help refugees in San Diego apply for college. Through all these experiences, he has developed a strong understanding of the needs of the international student community, as well as a strong passion for helping the members of this community to succeed in their studies and lives overall. For the past three years, Peter has been fortunate enough to make this passion his career in the field of student services.

  • Emily Kawahara

    Emily Kawahara

    International Student Advisor
    Triton Edge Program Coordinator

    Emily has been fascinated with travel and meeting members of the global community for a long time. Originally from Sacramento, Emily received her B.A. in Philosophy and English & World Literature (Creative Writing) from Pitzer College. Her most influential international experience was studying abroad in Nepal, during which she lived with a host family in a village outside of Kathmandu, conducted a research project on journalists affected by censorship in Nepal’s recent history, and trekked in the Annapurna range. Emily also taught English in the Lampang Province of Thailand on a Fulbright Scholarship. Emily enjoys the complexities of immigration regulations and strives to ensure that international students feel supported and well-informed. Outside of work, she likes being active and trying new sports or sticking to the one she knows, tennis. She also enjoys adventuring, thrift store shopping, and hanging out with cats.

  • Laura Page

    Laura Page

    International Student Advisor

    Laura is a UCSD alumna with a BA in Sociology who spent one year studying abroad at McGill University in Montreal. She knows what it’s like to attend a university outside of her home country and return with a new perspective. The best part about being an Advisor, according to Laura, is interacting with students who come from different cultural backgrounds. Laura encourages students to reach out and get involved during their time at UC San Diego. Laura would like students to know there are a multitude of resources on campus which exist to help students succeed. Before returning to UCSD as an Advisor, she worked at a start-up semiconductor company as a Sales Manager handling international accounts She also holds an M.B.A. from San Diego State University. Laura enjoys walking and hiking, reading, volunteering as a leader for Girl Scouts, and spending time with her family.

  • Jeung Ho (Jo) Peters

    Jeung Ho (Jo) Peters

    International Student Advisor

    Jo was born and raised in Germany as a daughter of Korean immigrants. She graduated from Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum with a masters degree in Film and Television and minors in Economics and Sociology. Having relocated to the U.S. in 2004, Jo knows what it feels like to be a newcomer to a foreign country and wants to help international students who are experiencing the same thing. Jo has been working as a student adviser focusing on international education for the past 10 years. She is passionate about meeting new international students and getting to know their culture. In her free time Jo enjoys taking pictures, meeting friends, taking long bike rides along the coast, sports in general, traveling to foreign countries and experiencing different cultures, and volunteering for the German American Film Festival.

  • Carol Robertson

    Carol Robertson

    International Student Advisor

    With a B.S. in Spanish and Psychology from Dickinson College and a Masters in Education in Counseling and Psychology from the University of Southern California, Carol Robertson enjoys interacting with International students. Having studied abroad in Spain, Carol knows what it feels like to be in a foreign country. As an International Student Advisor interacting with students and helping them reach their goals is one of her favorite things about the job. Carol encourages students to get involved in as many activities as possible while on campus. In her spare time Carol enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with her family.

  • Ruby Rosas

    Ruby Rosas

    International Student Advisor

    Having moved around extensively for much of her childhood, Ruby Rosas knows what it’s like being in an environment totally different from what she’s used to. It was not until college that Ruby set down her roots in San Diego where she attended Southwestern Junior College. After a couple years she transferred to UC San Diego where she earned her B.A. in Literatures in English. With her experience of traveling and being a student at UCSD, Ruby has a clear view on the student perspective. As an International Student Advisor, Ruby has the chance to help guide new students to success during their stay in San Diego. “Get out of your comfort zone. Make new friends outside of your race, culture, and major.” In her free time Ruby enjoys watching television and taking pictures.

  • David Saide

    David Saide

    Intake Advisor

    David recently graduated with a M.A. in International Education Management at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. He was born and raised in Iowa and received his B.A. in International Studies and Anthropology with a minor in Portuguese from the University of Iowa. He studied, worked and volunteered in Northeastern Brazil for 3 years. Prior to his graduate studies, David was the Coordinator of the Education Sector at the Consulate-General of Brazil in Chicago where he assisted with the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program in the Midwest. David is passionate about working with international students and learning about their countries and cultures. In his free time David enjoys breakdancing, biking, photography, traveling and playing the guitar.  

  • Doug Shriner

    Doug Shriner

    Intake Advisor

    Doug, a recent transplant from Texas and the proud parent of a Triton student, has a broad background in higher education.  He has worked with high school, undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of International Advising, Financial Aid, and Outreach.  Doug also acted as a private consultant assisting the US Departments of Education and Health & Human Services in designing regulations to protect student funding options.  In Texas, he worked with former Mexican President Vicente Fox to raise scholarship funds for college students on both sides of the border and was involved in other international organizations.  Doug has a Master’s degree in International Business and has travelled throughout Asia, Europe, Central America and the US.  For fun he enjoys working in the yard and on home improvement projects.

  • Emily Stewart

    Emily Stewart

    International Student Advisor

    Emily has been working towards being an International Student Advisor since she was an undergraduate herself.  At this time, she met many international students and even traveled to South Korea with two of them.  After earning her Bachelor’s from California State University of San Marcos, she moved from sunny Southern California to snowy Vermont and received her Master’s degree in International Education from the School of International Training.  After that, she lived in the Boston area for 5 years and worked in the International Student Office at Brandeis University.  Whenever Emily meets someone from a new country, she always wants to learn their language and visit their country so she has a long list going! She hopes that international students gain as much out of their time with ISPO and the U.S. as she gets from them. When Emily is not working, she enjoys reading, playing tennis, and spending time with her friends, family, and dog.

  • Lisa Swid

    Lisa Swid

    International Student Advisor
    TILS Program Coordinator

    With a B.A. in Global Studies from UC Santa Barbara and two Master’s degrees; one in Conflict Studies & Human Rights from Utrecht University and the second in Middle Eastern History from Tel Aviv University, Lisa Swid takes joy in serving as a point of contact for those who are new to the U.S. and to our community.  As an International Student Advisor and SARC Outreach Assistant, Lisa brings her five years of experience living abroad, along with her love of all things international to her role, serving as a bridge between the International Students & Programs Office and the Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Resource Center.  Having traveled to more than 20 countries outside of the U.S., Lisa brings her experience of feeling new and sometimes lost or out of place, to her daily interactions with international students. With her compassionate nature, she welcomes students to approach her with any questions or concerns they might have. In her free time, Lisa enjoys connecting with nature as much as possible, camping every chance she gets, baking Swedish cookies, eating Middle Eastern food and practicing yoga.

  • Shelly Taskin

    Shelly Taskin

    International Student Advisor
    English in Action Tutor Program Coordinator 
    Thanksgiving Exchange Program Coordinator

    As the Programs Coordinator/International Student Advisor, Shelly’s immediate responsibilities include English in Action Tutor Coordinator, Orientation Assistant Program Coordinator, and I-Club Staff Advisor. Prior to working at the UC San Diego International Center, Shelly was a Program Representative and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Student Advisor at the English Language Institute at UC San Diego Extension. She grew up in South Dakota and graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO with a BA in Business Administration. Shelly also received her Professional Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from UC San Diego Extension, which prepared her for teaching English in Turkey. She loves meeting people from all over the world and learning about other cultures. In addition, Shelly enjoys traveling, making DVDs, and spending time with her family.

International Students & Programs Office (ISPO) Student Staff

  • Eren Fukuda

    Eren Fukuda

    Student Assistant

    Eren is an ERC student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Biology. She was born in Tokyo Japan, and grew up in Japan and Malaysia. She is passionate about international education as well as helping other international students enjoy college life at UC San Diego. Eren loves to learn about different cultures and languages; she is attempting to learn German, Malay, and Mandarin. Eren enjoys skiing (the only sport that she thinks she is "pretty ok" at), playing the violin, and going to the beach. More than anything, she enjoys watching the sunset and looking at the beautiful blue sky of San Diego. Eren thinks that for international students, it may be a challenge to make friends and connections with new people at first. She says "Begin by simply smiling and saying hi!"

  • Spencer Nelson

    Spencer Nelson

    Student Assistant

    Spencer is a third year in UCSD’s Marshall College studying Chemistry. He grew up in northern California spending part of his time in the small foothill-town of Placerville  and the other half in the Bay Area. Spencer believes "diversity in life makes living entertaining, that’s why [he] make[s] sure to gain experience in all aspects of life." To mirror this philosophy, he enjoys a variety of interests including, but certainly not limited to: the Physical Sciences; Music, both listening and creating #post-hardcore; Physical outdoor activities; And being a part of an inclusive society that can change the world.

  • Aia Hawari

    Aia Hawari

    Employment & Orientation Assistant

    Born and raised in the OC, Aia is a fourth year Literature/Writing major and is minoring in Literatures of English. Aia aspires to be an editor after pursuing graduate school; she is a multi-scholarship winner and is a blog writer for The Huffington Post. As an employment and orientation assistant, Aia helps with the processing of employment authorization applications for our international students here at UCSD, preparing for orientation and welcome events, and all additionally delegated tasks. In addition, Aia is an active member of UCSD’s Muslim Student Association (MSA), and was co-chair for Islam Awareness Week during the winter quarter of 2015. She is learning American Sign Language (ASL), and is very intrigued by different cultures, specifically their languages, cultural clothing, and art. Aia welcomes all current and incoming students to the memorable time they will have at UCSD.

  • Kelly Tran

    Kelly Tran

    English-In-Action Student Asssistant

    Kelly is a fourth year UCSD student, majoring in International Studies - Political Science. She is a San Diego native but she has also lived short term in London, Paris and Seoul during her study abroad experience. She loves traveling and meeting new people from different countries to find out how their culture differs from her own. She enjoys going to music concerts, trying new foods, and taking photos of nature. She is also working as a conversation leader at UC Extension, to help international students improve their English. She is bilingual in English and Vietnamese, but she is currently learning Korean. She thinks learning multiple languages is important because it helps you interact with more people around the world. In the future, she hopes to work abroad to teach english as a foreign language. 

  • Jackie Chan

    Jackie Chan

    Video Production Intern

    Jackie is a fourth year Visual Arts – Media and Art History double major. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, diverse cultures and communities are always a source of inspiration for her. Although relatively fluent in English, Cantonese, and French—and in the process of re-learning Spanish—Jackie primarily works within the realm of visual language. A vernacular that is perhaps the most ubiquitous, the visual language appears to be the perfect medium to communicate across while exploring nuances within different cultures. Outside the International Students & Programs Office, Jackie is a Senior Producer at UCSD’s Triton Television and is involved with UCSD’s Muir Musical. When she isn’t helping to produce work, she spends most of her time immersing herself in visual culture. Whether it’s sitting in on classes or watching films, there’s always something to learn!

  • Niu-Niu Nie

    Niu-Niu Nie

    Social Media Intern

    Niu-Niu is a second year Communications major with hopes of going into Public Relations. She was born and raised in Budapest, and throughout her life, has been able to meet and connect with other international students from all over the globe. Niu-Niu loves to travel and experience new cultures, especially through their food! Her travels have taken her many places, and also reflects her love of learning languages, as she tries to add German to her list of English, Mandarin, Hungarian and French. In her spare time, Niu-Niu finds places to explore in San Diego and make the most out of her time here in San Diego! 

  • Sean Le

    Sean Le

    Video Production Intern

    Sean is an imaginative, multidisciplinary digital media artist with an eye for simplicity and pixel perfection. Over the years, Sean has gained technical methods and skill sets, but it has been his involvement with people of different cultures, struggles, and experiences that continuously direct where, and how, his digital artwork unfolds. Constant cross-collaboration with artists over different subjects, have allowed rediscovery and constant innovation in his work. Sean's work is a reflection of his compassion for capturing, narrating, and sharing stories of communities to celebrate many identities and experiences. Sean aims to further learn and explore how his major (Visual Arts (Media)), can ultimately influence and transform the self and society. It is his hope to express art in such value and respect that will encourage his life-long passion for art.

  • Chelsea Downs

    Chelsea Downs

    Triton Edge Graduate Assistant

    Chelsea has been drawn to international education since high school, when she studied abroad in Costa Rica and subsequently worked for the American Field Service (AFS) and Education First (EF). She received her BA in International Relations from San Francisco State University and is currently a Master’s student at the School of Global Policy Strategy (GPS) at UC San Diego. At GPS, she focuses her studies on Public Policy in Latin America and serves as the Vice President of Marketing and Social Media in the Development Club. In her free time she loves traveling to new countries, but as a Spanish speaker, she has a keen interest in Latin America. Outside of school and work, she enjoys hiking, cooking vegetarian meals, kickboxing, and spending time with her friends, family, and her dog.

Staff In Memoriam

  • Tecle (Tec) Kidane-Mariam (1948-2003)

    Tecle (Tec) Kidane-Mariam (1948-2003)

    International Student Advisor (1989-2000)
  • Paul Yunouye (1975-2015)

    Paul Yunouye (1975-2015)

    Assistant Director of International Programs (2014-2015)