Forms & Guides for F-1 Students

This page provides links to guides & forms for students in F-1 status

Please submit any ISPO paper forms and supplemental documents by choosing ONE of the options below:

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Maintaining Status

Returning to UC San Diego

Additional Information


Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Additional Requests

Student Request Processing Times

Please note that it takes time to process the many requests that ISPO receives from students on a daily basis. Be sure to plan ahead and gather all the forms that might be necessary for your request so that our advisors can process these in a timely manner. 

ISPO's standard processing times for student requests are as follows:

* business days = Monday through Friday. Weekends are not counted as processing days.

**Please note that processing times may be longer during academic deadlines or peak travel times.

Request Processing Time Documents Required
Change of Status to F-1 10 business days*

See Change of Status Guide (see "Forms & Guides for non F/J Students").

Concurrent Enrollment 5 business days See Concurrent Enrollment Guide.
F-1 CPT Application 10 business days CPT Application packet. See Curricular Practical Training Guide.
F-1 CPT Amendment 5 business days See Curricular Practical Training Guide.
F-1 Cap-Gap Application or Emloyment Verification/EAD Card 5 business days See Cap-Gap Extension Guide.
F-1 Economic Hardship Application 10 business days Please meet with an international student advisor.
F-1 OPT Application 10 business days OPT Application packet. See Optional Practical Training Guide.
F-1 STEM OPT Application 10 business days See STEM Extension OPT Guide.
I-20 Request: Add Dependent 5 business days See I-20 Request Form.
I-20 Request: Change of Program Level 10 business days See Change of Program Level Guide.
I-20 Request: Extension 10 business days See Program Extension Guide.
I-20 Request: Return from Leave of Absence and New I-20 after Termination 10 business days

Varies depending on reason for new I-20. See I-20 Request Form.

NOTE: New incoming students to UC San Diego must request initial or transfer I-20 through the iPortal.

I-20 Amendment : Name/Major/Funding Changes 5 business days See I-20 Amendment Guide.
I-20 Replacement: Lost/Stolen/Damaged/I-515A I-20 5 business days See Replacement I-20 Guide.
Leave of Absence/Withdrawal 5 business days See Leave of Absence Guide or Withdrawal from Program of Study Guide.
Letter Request (Visa Status Verification, Graduation invitation; EAP verification; Social Security verification; other) 5 business days Varies depending on reason for letter. See Letter Request Guide.
Reduced Course Load Request 5 business days See Reduced Course Load Guide.
Reinstatement of Status (F-1 students) 10 business days Student should speak to an international student advisor. See Reinstatement Guide.
Termination of Status 5 business days See requirements on Termination of Visa Status Guide.
Transfer IN 10 business days See Transferring Back to UC San Diego Guide.
Transfer OUT (SEVIS record release) 5 business days See Transfer Out Guide.
Travel Signature (F-1 Student) 3 business days See page.