Address Information for International Students

Local and Permanent Addresses in TritonLink

U.S. Government regulations require all international students in F-1 or J-1 status to report their current (local) address and permanent (home country) address to SEVIS. The regulations also require any change of U.S. residential address be reported within 10 days of moving to that new address.

If you have moved off-campus and TritonLink displays an error (“Contact the Housing Office…”), replace the on-campus address with your new off-campus one.

To comply with these regulatory requirements, the International Students & Programs Office requires F-1 and J-1 international students to maintain their current (local) address and permanent (home country) address in TritonLink. These addresses in TritonLink are used by the International Center for SEVIS reporting.

To report a new local or permanent address:

  • Log into TritonLink
  • Under "Toolbox" --> "Personal Tools", click "Maintain addresses"
  • Click the Mailing Address tab
  • Click the Change button for the Current Address or Permanent Address
  • Type your new address (see below for on-campus addresses), and save these changes

Current (local) address

The current (local) address is your residential address in the San Diego area where you are living while you are enrolled at UC San Diego. It cannot be an address outside the U.S., a UC San Diego department’s address, or a Post Office box. International students on OPT in another state and/or city may use their residential address in that state and/or city as their current (local) address in TritonLink.

The local address for undergraduate and graduate students who live on-campus (Warren College, I-House, etc.) is your mail box number, 9450 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92092-0100 or (for graduate students living in graduate housing) 1 Miramar Street, La Jolla, CA 92092-0100.

Permanent address

All international students except those in H, L, or PR status are required to report to SEVIS a permanent address outside the U.S. The permanent address must be a residential address in your home country. It can be a relative’s or friend’s residential address. It cannot be a U.S. address, P.O. box number, university department address, or business address.

If you need help entering or changing your addresses in TritonLink, please come to the International Students & Programs Office front desk and one of our staff members will assist you. The front desk is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., except holidays.

The International Students & Programs Office cannot enter or change students’ addresses in TritonLink; only students can enter or change their addresses in TritonLink.

If you are in non-UC San Diego J-1 or J-2 statuses:

This includes students who were awarded Fulbright grants.

  • Inform your non-UC San Diego Responsible Officers of address changes within 10 days of moving.
  • If you need help identifying your Responsible Officer(s), please come to the International Students & Programs Office front desk and bring your DS-2019.

If you are not in F or J status:

  • Download form AR-11 at
  • Make a copy for the International Center.
  • Send it to the USCIS address using “Return Receipt Requested” service. USCIS will send you a return receipt that you should keep as evidence of reporting your new address.

If you are studying in GLI:

Diploma mailing address

By default, UC San Diego will send your diploma to the permanent address listed in your TritonLink account.

If you want your diploma mailed to a U.S. address instead, please send an email to The subject line should read “Diplomas, ATTN: Diploma Division” and the message should include the following information: your family name, given name, PID, the address to which you want your diploma sent, and the text below:

Dear Academic Records,

My name is________________. My PID is _________________.  I am an international student. Due to immigration regulations, my permanent address in TritonLink must be an address outside of the USA. However, I would like my diploma sent to the following U.S. address instead:

Street Address
City, State and Zip Code

If you have any questions, I can be reached at [your email address] or [your phone number].

UC San Diego campus mail

UC San Diego departments, Student Mail Services, the Registrar’s Office, and Student Business Services use your campus address for university mail. If you want university mail delivered to another address, contact Student Mail Services at (858) 534-7098.

Emergency contact information

Your emergency contact is somone local that should be contacted in the event of an emergency, who can either help you or provide information that can help you.

UC San Diego emergency notification system

UC San Diego uses a phone and e-mail notification system, in addition to the UC San Diego Emergency Status website, to keep the campus community updated in emergency situations. Registration for emergency notifications is voluntary and all members of the UC San Diego campus community are eligible, including students , staff, faculty, parents, and visitors.

Register online for UC San Diego emergency notifications.