Concurrent enrollment at UC San Diego and another school

An international student can be enrolled in two different SEVIS-approved schools at the same time (concurrent enrollment), as long as the enrollment in both schools amounts to a full time course of study, and both schools are SEVIS-certified. Before you take a class at another academic institution, you must obtain authorization from your department/college and the International Students & Programs Office.

Requirements for Concurrent Enrollment

  1. You are an enrolled UC San Diego student, in good standing, for the quarter of concurrent enrollment.
  2. You have consulted with and received approval from your department/college advisor and determined that the requested class is either required to meet course requirements by your department or college, or is not available during the current quarter.
  3. Your registration at UC San Diego and the other academic institution will equal 12 or more units (full-time).
  4. If the class or classes taken are online/distance learning courses, only one class can be used to fulfill the full-time study requirement.

Requesting Concurrent Enrollment

  1. Meet with your department/college advisor to determine that the class you plan to take can be used to fulfill UC San Diego course requirements.
  2. If the class is not being taken for UC San Diego credit (such as a course being taken as a prerequisite for graduate school), your advisor should ensure that your enrollment with not have a negative impact on your current study or degree completion at UC San Diego.
  3. Complete the Request for Concurrent Enrollment, and request that your advisor complete and sign Section 2.
  4. Submit your form to the International Students & Programs Office for review. If the class you are taking is being used to fulfill your full-time study requirements (for example, you are taking 9 units at UC San Diego and 3 units at the other institution), you must attach proof of enrollment at the other institution.

Approval of Concurrent Enrollment Request

The current processing time for concurrent enrollment requests is 5 business days. If and when your request is approved, you will receive a letter verifying that you are authorized for concurrent enrollment at the other institution for the class or classes that you submitted on your request form.