Express Mail Services: eshipglobal

The UC San Diego International Students & Programs Office uses University Express Mail Services (eshipglobal) to ship all documents via express mail.

If you would like any of your documents mailed to you using express mail services, you must sign up for an express shipping account through ehipglobal. All documents shipped outside of the U.S. must be shipped using eshipglobal.

PLEASE NOTE: Current students requesting documents or letters of any kind from the International Students & Programs Office must submit their request using the appropriate form in order to receive it via Express Mail Services. Please see the following request forms and processing times for F-1 students and J-1 students.

  1. To set up your eshipglobal account, go to eshipglobal and click "Sign up."
  2. Complete registration information.
  3. Once logged in, select "Receive a Package From Universities" then search for "University of California –San Diego" under University Search.
  4. Select "Intl. Students & Programs Office, " then click "Continue".
  5. Complete Receiver's Address information then click "Ship/Quote" to view shipping options and pricing quotes. Select service then complete enter credit card information. Click "Confirm shipment" to complete process.
  6. Include shipment order number on application.

See more information about eshipglobal.