Transferring your SEVIS Record from UC San Diego to a New Institution

Students who wish to transfer their SEVIS record from UC San Diego to a new institution of study must submit a request to transfer their SEVIS record before they wish to transfer. Students who are completing their degree and will matriculate to a new school for a higher degree must request a transfer no later than 60 days following their graduation date or the end of the post-completion employment authorization period. The program start date at the new institution must be within five months of the last day you attended classes at UC San Diego or the next available session at the new institution, whichever comes sooner.

Application Requirements

Students wishing to transfer their SEVIS record from UC San Diego to a new institution must complete and submit the following:

  • SEVIS Record Release Form
  • Proof of admission to new school, such as your admission letter OR
  • Transfer request form from new school
PLEASE NOTE: If you decide that you would like to be released at a different date, please contact our office at least 5 business days BEFORE the SEVIS release date so that we may act accordingly. If we do not hear from you BEFORE your SEVIS release date, your record will be transferred and you will need to contact your new institution regarding any questions you may have about your SEVIS record.

Approval of Transfer Out Request

The current processing time for transfer out requests is 5 business days from the transfer release date that you indicate on your request. If and when your SEVIS record is released to the new institution, you will receive an email verifying that your SEVIS record has been transferred. Note that if you were on OPT, your OPT will be invalid from the date that your SEVIS record is released to the new institution.