STEM OPT Extension Application & Reporting Form


Please submit this e-form, if you are an F-1 OPT student, who is:

  • requesting a STEM OPT I-20 for a STEM OPT Extension application, or
  • reporting STEM OPT participation at 6th, 12th, 18th or 24th month of STEM OPT Extension period, or
  • reporting any changes to personal or STEM OPT employment information, or
  • requesting an updated STEM OPT I-20 due to changes to STEM OPT employment information, or
  • requesting an updated STEM OPT I-20 travel signature for international travel, or
  • requesting a replacement STEM OPT I-20 due to being lost or damaged


Students on regular 12-month OPT do NOT use this form. Instead, please use our OPT Update Form.

Using SEVP Portal while on STEM OPT Extension

  • Set up your SEVP Portal Account:
    • Once your OPT is approved by USCIS (and the start date is NOT in the future), you will receive an email to your personal non-UCSD email from to set up your SEVP Portal account. The subject line of the email will be: “Optional Practical Training Approval – the next step.
    • Create an SEVP Portal account.” Follow the instructions in the email. Click the link in the email, submit your SEVIS ID, and create a password to set up your user profile.
    • *If you do not receive an email (and the OPT start date is NOT in the future) from, check your spam or junk email folder.  If the email is not there, OR if you get locked out of your account, please email
  • Verify Employer Information in SEVP Portal and Report in ISPO’s STEM OPT Application & Reporting Form:
    • Use the SEVP Portal Account to VERIFY your employer information but DO NOT make any employment changes.
    • Instead, submit the below online form to ISPO with any employment changes.
  • Personal Information:
    • Use the SEVP Portal Account to make any personal address or phone number changes.
    • If you would like to change your email associated with the SEVP Portal, please email



  • If you have been employed, this e-form will ask you, if you would like to receive an updated I-20 with your employment information. It is not required that you get an updated I-20. However, if you are planning to travel internationally, then we recommend that you get an updated I-20.
  • You will be prompted to report your entire employment history on STEM OPT Extension (all current and previous employers) at the bottom of the form after selecting the appropriate employment option(s). Also, upload a copy of your most recent EAD card even if you have already done so in the past.
  • If you change employers, you will need to upload an I-983 Final Evaluation and a new I-983 Training Plan to the below Employment Reporting Form.
  • Students on STEM OPT Extension are required to file this form every six months, whether there are changes or not.