iTriton - New International Student Online Training

To help guide you through the adventure ahead, we have created an online training that will map out your journey as an international student here at UC San Diego. There are 20 modules which cover various topics. We have arranged these modules in the order you may encounter them during your program. However, you can explore the modules in any order you'd like! In the Pacific Ocean, you will see yellow caution modules. Pay close attention as these caution modules demonstrate some of the top issues international students face with their immigration status. We encourage you to review all 20 modules. However, note that only the BLUE and YELLOW CAUTION modules are required in order to complete the Assessment. 

Newly admitted international students are required to complete the iTriton Online Training during their first quarter at UC San Diego.

All new Fall 2019 students will have until October 4, 2019, to complete this REQUIRED training. 





  1. Use Chrome or Safari for optimized full-screen viewing
  2. Click on the Access Link through Prezi: ACCESS iTRITON ONLINE NOW!
  3. Wait for the training to load, this may take a minute. Once it's loaded, Click 'PRESENT'
  4. There are quite a few links within the training so make sure your 'POP-UP' Blocker is disabled
  5. Complete the Assessment once you've completed all required modules


Have fun exploring, Tritons!