Get Involved!

Getting involved at school is a great way to build a community of friends in a new place. Joining student organizations also allows students to gain new experiences and cultivate their leadership and communication skills.

Listed below are brief descriptions of some of the registered cultural student organizations at UC San Diego. For more information about any group, feel free to contact them directly.

For the full list of registered student organizations contact the Center for Student Involvement. They can also help you start your own campus organization!

African Student Association

ASA aims to serve and educate the UCSD community about African history, traditions, customs, happenings, and culture.


Asameshikai is an organization of students, faculty, and professionals who share a keen interest in Japan's economy, politics, language, and culture. 

Association of Indian Graduate Students

Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA)

The objectives of the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) are (1) to support a network of individuals dedicated to the advancement of African-American and Black scholarship (2) to encourage minority undergraduates to commit to postgraduate education (3) to promote the general campus welfare via cultural interchange (4) to provide a forum for social networking and community building (5) to provide a space for open dialog and discussion about issues confronting black graduate students 

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) is one of the largest student organizations on the UC San Diego campus, CSSA serves as an important vehicle for enhancing mutual help and affinity among individuals of the local Chinese community.


Chinese Union (CU)

Chinese Union (CU) is a student group that seeks to promote Chinese culture and build stronger bonds within the UCSD Chinese-American community.

Cultural Iranian Student Association (CISTA)

Cultural Iranian Student Association (CISTA) sponsors Persian social and cultural activities and events with goals of promoting an understanding of Iranian culture, helping to foster friendship among different cultural groups, and providing a source of union and support for the Iranian community at UC San Diego.

Graduate Student Association

Graduate Student Association (GSA) exists to advocate the rights and interests of our diverse community, to provide for the enjoyment of social, cultural, and service-oriented events, and for the betterment of academic and non-academic life of all graduate and professional students at UC San Diego.

Hellenic Student Association

The goal of Hellenic Student Association is to bring together people of Hellenic heritage and people interested in the Hellenic culture. Anybody affiliated with UCSD or residing in the greater San Diego area with an interest in Hellenic culture is welcome to join.

Hong Kong Student Union (HKSU)

The goals of Hong Kong Student Union (HKSU) are to promote the culture of Hong Kong, help our members find support and assistance from other students, host social events, and enhance scholastic achievement.

Indian Student Association (ISA)

The purpose Indian Student Association (ISA) is to help all incoming students from India and of Indian origin or descent to adapt to life at UC San Diego and the city of San Diego. Its purpose is also to strengthen the Indian community on campus, propagate our culture, and increase the awareness about our culture to everyone.

Japanese Student Association

Japanese Student Association is a non-profit Japanese-interest cultural organization, which brings together 50+ members for Japanese-related social, cultural, career information and community events. We communicate with our members in both English and Japanese.

Korean Graduate Student Association

Korean Graduate Student Association provides a social network for current UCSD students and Alumni. We have regular group meetings for various activities such as new students welcoming party, end-of quarter parties, and various other events. 

Korean Student Cultural Association (KO.SCA)

Muslim Student Association

Muslim Student Association (MSA) provides an environment for the development and networking of Muslims on campus while fostering a sense of community between Muslims and non-Muslims through education.

Pacific and International Affairs Student Organization (PIASO)

Pacific and International Affairs Student Organization (PIASO) is the student body government of IR/PS. Its purpose is to represent and promote the academic, professional and networking interests of the students. It serves as a center for student communication, information, and participation, and as a forum for student development.

Pakistani Student Association

The purpose of the Pakistani Student Association is to inform all interested persons of the customs and traditions of Pakistani culture, to further the knowledge of interested persons of the history of Pakistan, and to serve all UCSD and other University Students, Faculty and Staff, including International Students, in achieving the above stated goals.

Raza Graduate Student Association (RGSA)

The purposes of the Raza Graduate Student Association (RGSA) are to: 1) increase unity among graduate students of color, particularly Latin@/Chicana@ students, at UCSD 2) promote graduate education to Latin@/Chicana@ undergraduate student populations, and recruit them for graduate school at UCSD 3) provide a community, resources, and a social network for graduate students of color at UCSD (RGSA is a not-for-profit organization.) 

San Diego Indonesian Students (UCSD SADIS)

The goals of the San Diego Indonesian Students (UCSD SADIS) are to promote Indonesian culture to the surrounding UCSD community, to create a strong bond between members, and to build a network with other regional Indonesian clubs.


As UC San Diego's largest South Asian organization, SangamSD aspires to promote South Asian cultural awareness and education within the UCSD community and beyond. SangamSD's goals of uniting South Asians at UCSD as well as spreading diversity, tolerance, and the understanding of all South Asian cultures is reflected through its numerous social, cultural, and educational events.

Singapore Students Association

The goals of the Singapore Students Association are to promote and increase the awareness of Singapore and Singaporean culture amongst UC San Diego students, faculty and staff. We also aim to foster, unite and support the Singaporean community at all levels in and around UC San Diego.

Taiwanese Graduate Student Association

United Taiwanese Association (UTA)

United Taiwanese Association (UTA) was created to promote the Taiwanese culture through a number of traditional and cultural events that are representative of Taiwan. These events also seek to provide a sense of familiarity and home for students that have recently immigrated to the United States from Taiwan. UTA also hosts a number of social events on top of its cultural events to serve as the bridge for its diverse members.