English-in-Action Participant Spotlights

  • Yifu Zhang, China

    Yifu Zhang, China

    Yifu Zhang is from China and is currently pursuing his PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.  He chose UC San Diego because of his interest in his professor’s research and his enthusiasm that he felt from their Skype meeting. His professor’s interest towards his research area and his academic achievement also prompted Yifu to come to UCSD.

    Yifu learned about the English-in-Action program at orientation.  He has been meeting with Earl Wood since December 2014.   Yifu enjoys his conversation sessions with Earl.  “Earl is a nice guy with more than ten years’ experience of being a tutor. We almost chat, discuss, or talk about everything we are interested in, like American presidential campaign, his travel in Europe, college lives, terminologies from camping, my research progress, etc. “ He also shares, “ Earl lets me not only understand the American culture, but also feel kindness from another country.”

    In addition to participating in EIA, he has also has taken free classes at the English for Academic and Professional Development Program at UC San Diego Extension.  He recommends that other students utilize the Extension grant program to take free classes through UCSD Extension.  For more information on the Extension classes, please visit http://extension.ucsd.edu/eapd.  The information on the Extension Grant program can be found at: http://extension.ucsd.edu/about/index.cfm?vAction=grant.

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