English-in-Action Participant Spotlights

  • Nan Zou, China

    Nan Zou, China

    Nan Zhou is from China, and received his BS degree in Management Science in Beijing, China. He chose to come to UCSD to get his PhD in Mathematics because he was attracted to the research opportunities that UCSD has to offer. He finds the professors at UCSD to be responsible and nice to students and has had positive experiences working with them. He enjoys staying in San Diego because of the weather and how almost every day is sunny.

    Nan learned about the English-in-Action program at orientation and was also referred by one of his friends. He is currently meeting with Karen Seat, a Doctor in Education and a retired editor. Nan shares “We meet once a week and each time she gives comments on my writing exercises, provides me with some reading materials, corrects my spoken English, and introduces American culture to me. Karen is not only an awesome teacher but also a friend and mentor of me.” He shares that she has invited him to her home to celebrate certain holidays together and has offered him many valuable suggestions regarding his studies and daily life. In addition to participating in the EIA Program, he has attended the International Friday Cafes and finds it to be a wonderful platform to get to know other people around the world. He has also participated in the Thanksgiving Exchange program for 3 years in a row and enjoys spending time with American families, enjoying the traditional American meal.

    As an international student, Nan finds the tutors in the EIA program to be encouraging and inspirational. Nan concludes, saying, “it is indeed very convenient for students to participate the EIA, hence EIA greatly encourages those interested to join and learn. The tutors are truly inspirational because they offer a lot but ask for little in return.”

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