Tutor Spotlight

  • Savannah Fang, Volunteer Since 2015

    Savannah Fang, Volunteer Since 2015

    Savannah Fang has been an EIA Conversation Leader for four years. She first heard about the program through an event that ISPO was a part of and was interested in helping international students on campus communicate their ideas more effectively. Savannah is now a graduate student studying Biology in a Neuroscience lab at the UCSD School of Medicine.

    Throughout her time volunteering with EIA, Savannah has tutored UCSD international graduate students and their spouses from China on a regular basis. She enjoys seeing her students improve their English proficiency and become more confident in their daily communication tasks. She also commented that EIA had given her an opportunity to learn about different cultures and build lasting connections with people from the other side of the world.

    Savannah strongly encourages everyone who can help out to consider becoming a Conversation Leader because not only is the EIA program flexible and very rewarding, it creates a space for growth and friendship as well.