Tutor Spotlight

  • Earl Wood, EIA Tutor since 1982

    Earl Wood, EIA Tutor since 1982

    Earl Wood is from Laramie, Wyoming and got his BA in English at the University of Wyoming and then his Masters in Int’l Finance at the Thunderbird School of Global Mgmt.   He has lived in San Diego for 33 years and is married with 2 children.  He currently works at Rexel and his hobbies are travelling and playing tennis.

    Earl had tutored English in college to make a little spending money, and had so much fun (and learned a lot) by working with the international students that, when he and his wife moved to San Diego in 1982, he searched for the nearest college that had an English tutoring program for international students and wound up applying to the EIA program at UCSD!

    What Earl has  enjoyed most about the EIA program, aside from seeing improvement in a tutee’s language skills and social adaption, is learning about their lives and the living conditions in their countries, along with the lasting relationships I’ve made with many, including a couple of overseas trips to visit former tutees and their families.  As they say, that’s priceless!

    Currently, Earl is working with Yifu Zhang, a PhD student from China in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Earl says, “ I think Yifu has a photographic memory.  All of these students are high achievers and very well educated with a solid background in the English language.  Yifu studied in Harbin, in far northern China, so we’ve swapped stories about the cold snowy weather we’ve both endured attending our respective schools.”

    Earl shares a funny story about a French couple that he tutored several years ago, “I had a dark blue Ford sedan and often wore a suitcoat and tie as I would come to campus from work.  Some months later they invited me to their apartment for dinner.  After a few glasses of wine, they confessed that at first they were certain I worked for the CIA!!  They explained there were certain stereotypes they had of Americans from television and movies, but luckily I had proved I was not as cunning or clever as a real spy.”

    Earl has really enjoyed tutoring in EIA.  He comments, “For those thinking of being a tutor …do it now!  It is mind expanding and fun, and you will provide these special visitors with a positive impression of our city and country that they will take back home to share with their own family and friends.”

    If you are interested in becoming an English conversation tutor, please visit the website to learn more about the program and fill out an online application.