Thanksgiving Exchange Program 2012

Host Family Testimonials

"My family was a Thanksgiving host family to two UCSD doctoral students: one from Iran and one from Taiwan.  I cannot express what a wonderful experience it was to open our homes to these students.  It was extremely interesting to discuss their cultures and experiences and they were very grateful for the opportunity.  I would not hesitate to participate again and applaud your efforts in creating a truly meaningful program."
-- Dana, Host from Clairemont

"It was a pleasure to have Peter and Cassy over for Thanksgiving. They really enjoyed themselves and we enjoyed them. You both are weclomed back anytime! :)"
-- Shujen, Host from Southcrest

"I am hopeful iProgram will continue seeking out hosts for holiday dinners in San Diego. Count me in as a future hostess! We enjoyed having Chen and Andre join us."
-- Sherri, Host from Bay Ho/Clairemont

"Sharing what we have is the essence of Thanksgiving and we were so glad to share the day with Sichen and Ziwen!   We had so much fun that we are having them over, again, to decorate our Christmas tree, this weekend!"
-- Hope, Host from Clairemont

Student Testimonials

"It was really great experience for international students! I was really glad to be there!"
-- Ryu from Japan

"This was the best experience ever! I will never forget this night."
-- Sienna from Denmark

"Thank you, Antonio and your friends. The foods are fantastic! Also thank i-center for the wonderful program."
-- Hsi-Ming from Taiwan 

"I really enjoyed this wonderful Thanksgiving day with dear Kate, who provided me such a great opportunity to spend this traditional American festival with her family. The dinner was pretty delicious and I liked the dessert most:) I felt the friendly atmosphere with Kate's family and hope to keep contact with them. My first Thanksgiving day was really special!"

-- Shulin from China

"Thanks you so much for letting us join your family thanksgiving dinner! I really have a good and unforgettable experience with you!! you are so kind and the food you cooked is so delicious!!! "
Helen from China

"Thank you for having us on thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time. The house is exquisite, the food is very delicious, and every body is so nice and friendly"
-- Xin from China

Local Stories about UC San Diego's Thanksgiving Exchange Program