Thanksgiving Exchange Program 

Host Family Testimonials

The Capoots hosted 7 students from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia. Ms. Capoot shared, "We were thrilled to open our home to so many bright, young UCSD students from around the globe. Our best memory is watching them all gasp the first time they saw a turkey pulled out of the oven. All of our guests were friendly, thoughtful, and great conversationalists. We can't wait to host again!" 
-- Stacey, Host from Tierrasanta

"My 9 year old said this was her favorite Thanksgiving so far! We loved hosting 2 students from China. After dinner, we taught them Yahtzee before enjoying Julian Apple Pie!"
--Patty from Rancho Santa Fe

"The May family was so happy to have Fang join us for Thanksgiving! Thank you to all of you and the International Center at UCSD) for making this a very special holiday."
-- Robin, Host from Carmel Valley

"Our first time hosting and we welcomed Sally and Sebastian into our home! We had such a great time - can't wait for next year already :))"
-- Jennifer, Host from Lakeside

"Thanksgiving was AMAZING! I love having people from all parts of the world in my home, in my life and in my heart! We had a great time, ate plenty of good food, met new friends and had tons of fun!"
-- Teresa, Host from Clairemont

"We thoroughly enjoyed having students from India join us for Thanksgiving! They were so interesting and a pleasure to talk to!" 
-- Kathy, Host from La Jolla

Student Testimonials

"Those wonderful membories will last forever in my life. I truly had a great time joining my host family and making new friends with all of you! Thanks everybody!"
--Yanghao from China

"Thank you so much for your amazing Thanksgiving feast. I had a wonderful night and was especially happy to know more friends. All of your families and friends are very friendly, kind and warm-hearted. I wish you have a great holiday weekend and hope see you again sometime soon."
-- Yi Jiang from China

"Thanks you so much for letting us join your family thanksgiving dinner! I really have a good and unforgettable experience with you!! you are so kind and the food you cooked is so delicious!!! "
Helen from China