Host Family FAQs

How are Thanksgiving Holiday Hosts matched with Student Guests?

Hosts and students are matched on a rolling first-come first-serve basis.  Matches are also based on the information provided on the Host and Student Sign Up Forms.

How will I know if I am hosting a Student Guest this Thanksgiving?

After submitting the online Sign Up Form, you will receive an email with the names and contact information for your students.  The deadline to sign-up is November 22nd and if you sign up earlier, you will receive notification earlier. The International Center will notify hosts in plenty of time so that hosts can make their Thanksgiving arrangements.  Please know that submitting the Sign Up Form does not guarantee you a Student Guest.  Matches are made depending on the number of participants who sign up each year.

What is the commitment as a Thanksgiving Holiday Host?

The host commitment is for the Thanksgiving holiday event only.  Hosts are not expected to continue hosting their Student Guest throughout the year.  However it is our hope that both you and your Student Guest so enjoy your time together that you will continue to stay in communication with each other.

What are my expectations as a Thanksgiving Holiday Host?

By signing up for the program as a host, the International Center asks you to welcome the Student Guests to your home.  It is expected that hosts contact their Student Guests via email or telephone to make plans and arrangements for the Thanksgiving event.  Student Guests are also expected to connect with their Hosts.  Student Guests are very flexible about the event date and timing.

The International Center is not available to provide transportation for Student Guests.                                                                                         

The International Center is not responsible for assisting with making plans and arrangements between Hosts and Student Guests.

Are Hosts expected to house their Thanksgiving Holiday Student Guest overnight?

At no point are Hosts expected to provide overnight housing for Student Guest.  However if Hosts are able and willing to provide overnight housing during Thanksgiving holiday celebrations, that is a matter for the Host and Student Guest to arrange.

Is it appropriate to bring my Student Guest to my friend's or family member's Thanksgiving celebration instead of my own?

Yes, if your friend of family member is willing to accommodate your guest, it is absolutely appropriate!  Hosts have done this in the past.

I am not able to provide transportation for my Thanksgiving Holiday Student Guest but would still like to be a host, is this possible?

Yes.  While not required, many hosts offer to provide transportation for their student guest to and from the Thanksgiving event.  For hosts who are not able to provide transportation for their student guest, the International Center will do its best to match them with students who have their own cars.  Also, students might be able to get to the event if there is a feasible public transportation option available.