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Triton Edge Mentors are vital to the success of the Triton Edge Program. Mentors are current UCSD students who serve as a peer resource to their cohort (8-10 Triton Edge Participants), assisting with the transition to UCSD and American classroom culture. Mentors work individually and as a team to create and implement a variety of events during the 5-week program. 

By successfully completing the Triton Edge Program Mentorship, Mentors will also receive a notation in their Co-Curricular Record (CCR), to highlight their leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and cross-cultural skills developed outside the classroom.


Triton Edge Mentors 2017

Triton Edge Mentors 2017

What are the tasks of a Triton Edge Mentor?

As a mentor, your role is crucial to the support that the Triton Edge Program provides new international freshmen students during their transition to life in the United States and at UC San Diego. Your responsibilities are to mentor a diverse group of 8-10 international students by 1) being a knowledgeable and supportive resource that promotes a positive and inclusive environment while assisting students in successfully integrating at UC San Diego, and 2) developing special programs that enhance overall student development and interaction.

Responsibilities and tasks of Triton Edge Mentors fluctuate each year, but Triton Edge Mentors should always promote the exchange of diverse perspectives, culture, values and lifestyles by providing opportunities for students to reflect and share.

What makes an exceptional Triton Edge Mentor?

An exceptional Triton Edge Mentor is:

  • Supportive and welcoming for new international freshmen students
  • Well versed in intercultural understanding and intercultural communication
  • Experienced with creating and implementing events and activities
  • Educated in on-campus resources
  • Detail oriented and dependable

How do Triton Edge Mentors earn the CCR?

All Triton Edge Mentors follow an action plan discussed during Triton Edge Mentor Training in August. The action plan culminates in the Mentor Success Plan at the end of the Triton Edge Program. The Mentor Success Plan deliverable is a final reflection paper that reflects on the experiences as a Triton Edge Mentor and how these experiences support future personal and professional goals. A presentation on the Mentor Success Plan accompanies the reflection paper. The Mentor Success Plan is evaluated by an evaluation rubric that is shared during the Triton Edge Mentor Training. Based on the completion of the Mentor Success Plan, Mentors will not only have a fulfilling experience as a key leader in the Triton Edge Program, but will also be awarded a Co-Curricular Record Notation! The Co-Curricular Record is an official document that accompanies the UC San Diego transcript and can be used to demonstrate to employers, graduate/professional programs and others what competencies and skills were gained through the Triton Edge Mentorship experience.

I'm interested! How do I apply to be a Mentor?

If you are interested in applying please visit Port Triton and search the posting #850592. The application deadline is May 4, 2018 and you will need to include a cover letter, a writing sample, and resume in your application.


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