Triton International Leaders Certificate Program

TILS logoFor students interested in gaining practical leadership skills, cultivating global visions of culture, building social networks on campus and beyond, and meeting like-minded people, the Triton International Leadership Certificate Program is designed to provide year-round opportunities of leadership experience, professional development, and international perspectives. 

It also helps them become future student leaders and global citizens. In the Certificate Program, students have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of programs that foster leadership skills and professional communication such as résumé workshops, career and internship seminars, and service learning projects, as well as events focusing on community-building and cultural diversity.  

In addition to the exposure to a wealth of community resources and leadership opportunities, the Triton International Leadership Certificate may also be a valuable asset that could enrich students’ professional qualifications and future career prospectus beyond UC San Diego.


1.  Participation

Attend at least two non-mandatory TIL events per Fall and Winter quarters, and at least one in the Spring.

  • You must have at least one event each by the end of the year that would be described as cross-cultural, getting involved with UCSD, academic or career focus, and exploring San Diego.  (Please consult with your peer mentor with any questions on this.)
  • For each event, write a short paragraph that you will turn in summarizing the event, and mentioning someone you spoke with, and/or something interesting you learned
  • Please tie in the cross-cultural, getting involved at UCSD, exploring San Diego, or academic or career focus aspect

2.  Reflection/Self-Assessment

Write a brief essay to be turned in on how the TIL Program benefits students, and/or how it could be improved to serve as a better resource to new students (no longer than 500 words)

3.  Collaborative Final Project (one of the following):

  • Help a TIL Student Staff Mentor plan, organize, and implement an event and write a brief report on the purpose and the result of the event (no longer than 500 words)
  • Collaborate with another student organization/group on campus to put together an event and invite your mentor and other TILs Members to attend
    • This event should be a collaboration in which you will form a project group where you collectively plan/organize/implement an event from which TILs members and your mentor would benefit.  Write a brief report on the purpose result of the event (no longer than 500 words)
  • Create a presentation to encourage cross-cultural engagement and understanding and present it (in approximately 5 minutes) to his or her TIL peers in an upcoming event (i.e. social hour, foreign film night, or specific event for this purpose, etc.)
    • It is allowed to work as a member of a group of up to 3 people, but the presentation time increases 5 minutes per added person
  • Create a project/presentation that broadly contributes to the TIL Program objectives (i.e. resource learning, cultural competency, and leadership) and/or speaks to any aspects of international students’ life at UCSD
    • This can be creative, informative, activist, etc. (i.e. creating a “how to” or topic-specific FAQ brochures for future students, a campus-wide campaign to raise awareness on issues impacting the international student community, a short film on life and struggles as an international student, etc.)
    • You must work with your mentor to ensure that specific guidelines are developed to meet this requirement
  • Create a proposal for an idea/event that can be carried out to benefit new students incoming Fall 2015, or create a project that could be of use or shown to new students incoming Fall 2015
    • You must work with your mentor to ensure that specific guidelines are developed to meet this requirement

How to apply:

You must indicate an interest to work towards the Leadership Certificate by October 15, 2014 by emailing with a brief outline of what you expect to accomplish this academic year and your plan for keeping in correspondence with your mentor.

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