Identification Documents

Social Security Card

Sample social security cardA Social Security Card is identification issued by the government agency called the Social Security Administration (SSA). 

The card is issued with a unique 9-digit number (SSN) for tax-paying U.S. citizens and those employed in the U.S.A Social Security Number is for employment purposes only and is required for F -1 and J-1 students who will be earning money in the United States.

For more information visit our Social Security Number information page

California Driver License

Sample drivers licenseA common form of state identification is the California Driver's License. For more details, read through California and San Diego Driving Facts (PDF).

For more information on obtaining a driver's license, please visit the Getting Started at UC San Diego page

State ID for Non-Drivers

The DMV will issue a non-driver’s identification (ID) card. This is a very convenient form of identification, since a passport is not always recognized for local transactions, such as cashing checks or admission to an establishment where alcohol is served. The same documents are needed as if applying for a driver’s license, and USCIS will have to confirm I-94 status in the United States. A temporary identification card will be issued but it will not have a photograph. For more information, visit the California Department of Motor Vehicles webpage.