English Language Resources for International Students

Are you an International Student who would like assistance with reading, writing and listening comprehension in English? Are you looking for an English language tutor or would like to participate in a language exchange?

Check out these resources here at UC San Diego and see what works for you!

On-Campus Resources

English-In-Action Tutor Program (EIA)

English-in-Action is a volunteer tutor program designed to help UC San Diego international students, scholars and their spouses with conversational English and information about living in the United States and San Diego. Conversation partners usually meet for 1-2 hours per week at the International Students & Programs Office or another location convenient to both, for an average of 12 months. To apply for a volunteer tutor, please visit the EIA webpage.  The EIA program is free for registered international students. For scholars, post docs and spouses, there is an  $80 registration fee. For more information, call  (858) 534-3730, or email iprograms@ucsd.edu.

UCSD Writing Hub

For Undergraduate Student Writers

  • One-on-one writing tutoring by appointment, 6 days/week.
  • Supportive, in-depth conversations about writing, the writing process, and writing skills
  • Help with every stage in the writing process
  • Walk-in tutoring (Monday-Thursday 5pm-7pm, and by availability)
  • Workshops on key writing topics

For Graduate Student Writers

  • By appointment one-on-one writing tutoring
  • Supportive, in-depth conversations about writing, the writing process, and writing skills
  • Graduate writing retreats and writing groups
  • Workshops on graduate-level writing topics

Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS)

OASIS provides group and individual assistance to ALL registered UC San Diego undergraduates. Trained tutors, peer mentors and staff members provide assistance in foreign languages, math & science, study management, writing expression and cultural acclimation. For ESL students, OASIS provides English assistance through workshops, verbal and writing practice sessions and feedback on rough drafts. OASIS is located in Center Hall, 3rd floor, Monday—Friday 8:00 am—4:30 pm.

UC San Diego College Writing Programs

Each of the six colleges on campus (ERC, Marshall, Muir, Revelle, Sixth, and Warren) requires their students to complete a writing program sequence. Tutoring services are available for students enrolled in these writing classes. Please contact your college main office to obtain information about workshops and individual tutoring options.

English Language Institute (ELI)

The UC San Diego English Language Institute (ELI) offers courses to students age 18 years of age and older throughout the year. The Intensive English Language Programs quickly teach students from the beginning to advanced levels. ELI offers our students an excellent variety of courses, from structured skill-building to high-interest conversation to rigorous academic preparation.

English for Academic and Professional Development (EAPD)

Evening English classes are available in the following subject areas:

  • Academic and Business Writing
  • Conversation & Oral Presentation
  • Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation & Fluency

Discounts are available for early enrollment, and for students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Complimentary vouchers for one class  up to $400 are also available each quarter through Extension Student Services.

UC San Diego Language Laboratory

This self-help laboratory offers cassette tapes in English as a Second Language, conversation, listening comprehension and pronunciation. A UC San Diego Visiting Scholar ID card or Student ID card is required. There is no fee for the lab’s services.

English Conversation Tables with the "Friends"

This event is hosted by the Friends of the International Center. Join us every Tuesday and Friday in the Dance Hall in UC 409 from 10:00 a.m. to noon and make some friends, have fun, or come practice English! No application necessary and all are welcome! Light refreshments are often provided.

I-House Language Conversation Tables

Language Conversation Tables are one of International House's most popular programs. Each quarter a variety of language tables are hosted and attended by students, staff, faculty, and anyone from the public willing to join. Language Tables provide the chance to teach and learn a language in a natural environment, through conversation with someone who is fluent in that language. They take place weekly.

Language Exchange

Help someone learn your language and enjoy conversational practice in their language in exchange. Just join the Language Exchange Facebook Page and post your native language,  what language you'd like to practice, your contact information and any other information you'd like to share. Partners will contact each other through Facebook and start practicing each others' language!

Community Resources

English classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level adults are available both during the day and in the evening in San Diego County. Call the school to find out how to register. Class schedules are available at each center or at the San Diego Public Libraries in the community.

San Diego Continuing Education Centers

Students may enroll at any time during the year. Classes are available at no cost. For further information, visit the website: http://www.sdce.edu/esl

Centre City Center
1400 Park Blvd (Downtown)
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 388-4600

North City Center
8401 Aero Drive
San Diego, CA 92123
(619) 388-1800

Community Colleges
Classes start at the beginning of each semester and are available for a fee.

Mesa College
7250 Mesa College Drive
San Diego, CA 92111
(619) 388-2600

Miramar College
10440 Black Mountain Road
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 536-7800

Mira Costa College
*San Elijo Campus
3333 Manchester Drive
Cardiff, CA 92007
(760) 944-4449

*Oceanside Campus
1 Barnard Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056
(760) 757-2121

Palomar College
1140 West Mission Road
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 744-1150

Additional Resources

For complete list of San Diego ESL schools click here.

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