Emergency Funding Resources for International Students

In the event of an emergency, or situation where you find yourself in need of emergency funding, you may apply for aid from an emergency funding source.  Please contact the International Students & Programs Office for more information about the two below.  Applications will be reviewed on an individual basis.

IIE Emergency Student Fund

Through the Emergency Student Fund (ESF), IIE provides urgent assistance to international students facing financial hardships due to crises such as natural disasters, social unrest, or serious illness that threaten to make it impossible for them to continue their education.

The Institute of International Education has a long history of providing emergency assistance to students and scholars facing emergencies around the world. Through the Emergency Student Fund, IIE is able to respond to urgent and unpredictable crises in an immediate and effective manner.

IIE’s Emergency Student Fund (ESF) helps international students by providing critical financial support so that they can continue their studies and return home to help rebuild their countries. The Emergency Student Fund may also provide urgently-needed medical equipment and care to students facing serious illness or disability.

For Emergency Student Fund support, students must be nominated by their host universities.

Hick Jones Scholarship

Contact the International Students & Programs Office istudents@ucsd.edu for more information. 

Friends of the International Center Emergency Fund for International Students

Contact the International Students & Programs Office istudents@ucsd.edu for more information.