International Student Spotlight

  • Cynthia Wu

    Cynthia Wu

    Cynthia Wu is a PhD student at UC San Diego, currently part of a joint program between the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department. She moved here from China after receiving her Bachelor in Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Cynthia knew that the engineering program at UC San Diego was famous for its academics and advances in research, and the Oceanography Institute was the top in the world. Combined with her love for the beautiful San Diego climate, Cynthia made the decision to pursue her studies at UCSD.

    Currently, Cynthia’s studies focus on the development of sensing devices that can measure the fluctuating temperature and salinity of the ocean. Her greatest motivation for pursuing a PhD in her field is to become a professor or science researcher in the future. Aside from her busy life in the lab, Cynthia is also a member of the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus. She has a beautiful voice and specializes in Chinese vocal music.

    She encourages other international students to try new things, break out of their comfort zones, and make new friends. At UCSD, there are various opportunities to meet people and learn about new cultures, and Cynthia’s advice to all students is to seek out those opportunities and take advantage of them. In the beginning, she had a hard time adjusting to a new environment and culture, and she missed home very much. By keeping busy however, Cynthia managed to cope with the difficulties and enjoy her college experience.