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In the event of an emergency, or situation where you find yourself in need of emergency funding, you may seek assistance at the International Students & Programs Office (ISPO). Please contact ISPO for more information about the UC San Diego Internal Loan programs below. Applications will be reviewed on an individual basis. Please keep in mind that funding is limited.


Hick Jones Student Loan

Small personal loans of up to $2,000 - $3,000 may be available to students – depending upon funding available. Loan repayment requirements are strict. Full repayment is due the same quarter in which the loan is taken and the student must be currently employed by the university in some capacity. Loans for tuition and medical purposes are not available.

IIE Emergency Student Fund

IIE’s Emergency Student Fund (ESF) provides grants to international college students in the U.S. when natural disasters, war, or other crises threaten their education. This fund helps students cover essential needs, including basic living expenses. For more information, visit: