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The International Students & Programs Office is required to terminate F and J SEVIS records for a number of different reasons. Termination of a SEVIS record may take place because the student has departed the United States (U.S.), has obtained a different immigration status, or when a status violation occurs.


Reasons for Termination or Falling Out of Status

Typical reasons for termination or falling out of status include:

  • Unauthorized withdrawal from classes.
  • Unauthorized drop below full course of study.
  • Unauthorized employment.
  • Suspension or disqualification.
  • Failure to enroll in classes.
  • Failure to extend prior to the program end date.
  • Authorized absence from the U.S.
  • Change of non-immigrant status.
  • Adjustment to permanent resident status.

Consequences of SEVIS Termination

After a SEVIS record is terminated, a student is not eligible for the 60 day grace period and should plan to take one of the below actions immediately. Students whose records are terminated may not use their terminated SEVIS record/I-20 to travel or re-enter the U.S. (the only exception is for authorized leaves of absence for less than 5 months).

Getting Back to Status