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 Premium Processing Option

Beginning March 6, 2023, USCIS began phasing in premium processing for F-1 students seeking optional practical training (OPT) and STEM OPT extensions. Premium processing is submitted through Online Filing of USCIS Form I-907 and is available to F-1 students in categories (c)(3)(B), and (c)(3)(C).  Premium processing provides expedited processing services within 30 calendar days. The fee for Premium Processing Service for I-765 is $1,500. This is a non-refundable fee and can only be submitted at the time of your application to USCIS. Before you seek out this option, check USCIS's current processing times.  


Apply Online with a USCIS Account

Submit Your STEM OPT Extension Application To USCIS


Important Reminders:

  • USCIS must receive your STEM OPT Extension application no later than 60 days after we issue your STEM OPT I-20
  • USCIS must receive your STEM OPT Extension application before your current OPT EAD card end date.


Additional Information

Changing Employers before Submitting Your STEM OPT Extension to USCIS

What do I do if I change employers after receiving my STEM OPT Extension I-20 from ISPO, but before submitting the application to USCIS?

  • Log in to .
  • Go to "Services" tab.
  • Select "Updated I-20/DS-2019".
  • Choose the "Approved initial 12-month OPT (Requested STEM OPT I-20 from ISPO but have not submitted application to USCIS)" OPT approval status option.
  • Fill out your request.
  • Upload a PDF copy of your Form I-983 Training Plan (only pages 1-4) for your new employer.
  • Upload a PDF copy of your I-983 Final Evaluation (last page of Form I-983) from your previous employer, only if you will end this employment after your current EAD card end date.
  • Upload a PDF copy of your current OPT EAD card.
  • "Submit" your request.
  • Your updated I-20 reflecting your new employer will be issued within 5 business days.


What do I do with my updated I-20?

  • When you receive your updated STEM OPT Extension I-20, sign and date it and submit its copy to USCIS with the rest of your STEM OPT Extension application documents.
  • If you have already submitted your STEM OPT Extension application to USCIS, and it is now pending, do not submit another, duplicate application. Instead, follow instructions here.