Arrival Information for EAP Reciprocity Students


This information is specifically for UC San Diego EAP reciprocity students, and may be different from information given for other international students.

Who are EAP reciprocity students?

EAP means the Education Abroad Program, a set of reciprocal exchanges between the University of California and its partner institutions abroad.

Undergraduate and graduate reciprocity students are nominated by the partner universities under the provisions of specific contractual agreements, and attend a UC campus for up to one academic year on a no-fee-exchange, non-degree basis.

For more information on UC's Reciprocal Exchanges, visit the EAP systemwide website.

The majority of EAP students study at UCSD as Exchange Visitors (J-1 visa). 

Some EAP students participate in English Language Programs before they study at UCSD, and then transfer to UCSD. These EAP transfer students have F-1 visas. EAP students with F-1 visas should review the F-1 transfer information (below).

Important links and info for EAP reciprocity students

Complete the Tuberculosis Screening

Tuberculosis screening is a mandatory University admission requirement for ALL newly admitted students. Screening must be performed PRIOR to arrival to University of California, San Diego. Fall admits will need to have testing done and submit the TB Assessment form by mid-summer. Exact date to be announced on the Student Health Services website. You will not be able to register for classes until you have fulfilled this requirement.

  • Complete the TB Questionnaire
  • If your TB Screening Questionnaire shows you are positive for TB risk, you will need to have testing done and submit the TB Assessment form.
  • Carefully read and follow the instructions attached to the TB assessment form, including having your medical provider perform proper TB testing. Once testing and the form has been completed, submit the form to the address listed at the bottom of the form.
  • Confirmation of receipt of your document is not possible. Clearance can take 7-10 days after receipt of your form. If a registration hold has been placed or if there has been no change in your registration status, check your UCSD email for a secure message from Student Health as there may be a problem with your form.

If you are a non-degree student (this applies to Extension and GLI professionals), your forms were sent by your department, as you will not have access to online screening. Please refer to your department if you need additional copies.

For more information about TB and TB testing, visit:

Read Student Health Service's TB FAQs (PDF) to review the most commonly asked questions.

If you have questions regarding the TB screening or health insurance, go to: and see "Online Services" - Ask a Question.

Immunization recommendations

The University of California is committed to protecting the health and well-being of our students. Therefore, all of the UC campuses are implementing procedures to ensure that students are educated about and receive vaccinations to prevent potentially serious and contagious diseases. All incoming students are required to review the UC Immunization Recommendations:

For more information see the Student Health Services website.

Fall 2017 timeline

Check back regularly to see updates to the timeline for EAP reciprocity students starting at UC San Diego.

To prepare, refer also to resources from your home university as well as the University of California.

Fall 2017

  • Tools in TritonLink will be open and available
  • Login to to initiate and activate campus account for your campus email address and PID.
  • Read the UC Reciprocal Exchanges Student Guide
  • Apply to the on-campus housing waitlist and I-House (housing contract will be sent after you apply)
  • SEVIS forms DS-2019 will be mailed to study centers for distribution
  • After you receive your SEVIS form and number, pay the SEVIS I-901 fee and apply for your J-1 visa

April 3, 2017

  • Submit iPortal request for DS-2019 (see information below). Deadline to submit request is August 1, 2017.

Date to be announced

Date to be announced

  • Deadline to complete the "We are Tritons" online program: When you reach the login screen, please click the “Student Sign On” tab and log in. Once you have logged in, look for the "We Are Tritons" button in the blue box on the UC Learning home page. Failure to complete by the deadline will result in a hold being placed on your student account.

Date to be announced

  • First pass enrollment for EAP-R students begins
  • Second pass begins on a date to be announced
  • Enrollment times are able to be viewed via TritonLink

Date to be announced

May (exact date to be announced)

  • Housing application opens in May (exact date to be announced)
  • If successful, housing contracts are issued on a date to be announced

August 29, 2017

  • Earliest possible entry into US with J-1 or F-1 status using form DS-2019 or form I-20

Date to be announced

Date to be announced

  • SHIP coverage begins

September 24, 2017

September 28, 2017

  • Instruction begins

October 1, 2017

Date to be announced

  • Class waitlists close. Deadline to add classes.

How to activate your UCSD campus account

Please wait on prompting and instructions from the UCEAP office to activate your UCSD account. Activating it prior to this will lead to technical difficulties accessing your account.

How do I get my DS-2019?

How to request the DS-2019:

Submit the DS-2019 request through the iPortal.

Note: Sign on using your UC San Diego Personal ID (PID) to access the iPortal. Incomplete requests will not be processed.

You will need the following documentation to submit your request. All documents must be in PDF format.

  • Copy of passport information page
  • Current (no more than 3 months old) bank statement or bank letter with account holders name or letter of scholarship or letter of sponsorship. All financial documents must show funds that are easily available. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and the like, are NOT acceptable. Students must show enough financial support to cover expenses as listed on the I-20/DS-2019 Budget Estimates

When will I receive my DS-2019?

If you are starting your UC exchange in August / September, you may expect to receive your visa document at any time from June to July.

If you are starting your UC exchange in January, you may expect to receive your visa document at any time from November to December.

You can check the status of your request by logging in to the iPortal at any time.

F-1 transfer student information

If you are going to participate in an English Language Program before you start your studies at UCSD as a UC EAP student, you will be entering the United States on an F-1 Student visa.

The English Language Program will issue your initial I-20 before you start your English Language class. Upon completion of your English Language Program, your SEVIS immigration record must be transferred to UCSD.

Talk to the student advisor at the Language Program and tell them that you will transfer to UCSD after your language course.

Complete the following steps to transfer your SEVIS record and receive your UCSD I-20:

  • Notify your current institution of your intent to transfer to UC San Diego
  • In addition, request the release of your F-1 SEVIS record to University of California San Diego (SEVIS School Code SND214F00088000) before the first day of orientation.
    •  Inform your international student advisor at your current institution to search for *University of California* in SEVIS.
  • Login to iPortal to request the Transfer I-20 Form
    • Required items include sponsor's bank statement/ financial support letter, copy of current I-20, and copy of passport biographical page with name and expiration date, visa, and I-94 card.
    • Your bank statement/financial support letter must cover all educational and living expenses listed on the budget estimates for the upcoming year.

Enrolling guide and academic advising

It's time to enroll. How do I begin?

EAP Reciprocity students may view their appointment times and the schedule of classes on TritonLink. For information on how to use TritonLink, please watch the website tutorial.

Students may enroll on or anytime after their appointment time.

Students must have their PID (Personal Identification) number and password. To obtain your PID, go to MyApplication and click on "First Time User?" to complete the required personal information for your student account. Your UC application ID number can be obtained from your home university international office.

More help

See the Academic section of the EAP Student Guide.

View the Registrar’s website with information about how to use WebReg.

How to request a restricted class

To possibly enroll in a class that has a pre-requisite or restriction, and the UC system cannot verify that you have meet the requirement, you must contact the UC San Diego campus department for assistance.

  1. Locate the course in the Schedule of Classes
  2. Consult the course description in the General Catalog
  3. E-mail the department advisor to request permission to enroll
  4. Use the prerequisite clearance request form (PDF) as a template when writing your email

Don't worry!

Students must use online enrollment tool (WebReg) whenever possible. Do not despair though if you cannot get your ideal course schedule right away. Most students will be adjusting their schedules through the first week of the term.

Pick the courses that are the closest match for you to obtain a full schedule. Keep in mind that U.S. Immigration regulations require a minimum enrollment of 12 units per term.

You may need to contact your advisor to get enrollment permission (see instructions above) or register for some classes after arrival. Although this process can be intimidating, this is common practice for both visiting and UC students.