Transportation Upon Arriving in the USA

Arrival at Los Angeles International Airport

San Diego is located 112 miles (180 kilometers) south of Los Angeles.  

If you are arriving at Los Angeles Airport (LAX), you will need to take a commuter flight, bus, train, or shuttle to San Diego. 

Bus service

Commuter flights

Shuttle service

Shuttle service from LAX to UCSD costs about $250-$300. Advance reservations are strongly encouraged.


  • Amtrak (departures from LA Union Station)
  • Metrolink (departures from LA Union Station)

Arrival at San Diego International Airport

Also known as Lindbergh Field, San Diego International Airport is located 11 miles (18 kilometers) south and slightly east of UCSD.

A taxi to the UCSD area costs about $40. Shuttle service to UCSD costs about $20 for a one-way fare.

Shuttle services