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(LAST UPDATE/REVIEW: January 22, 2020)


01/22/2020: Coronavirus: Important Information for UC San Diego Students





January 22, 2020


SUBJECT:    Coronavirus: Important Information for UC San Diego Students


Dear Students,

UC San Diego Student Health Services has been working with UC San Diego
Health Infection Prevention and Clinical Epidemiology regarding an
outbreak of lower respiratory infections caused by a novel coronavirus
(nCoV) in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China that started in December
2019. This outbreak has resulted in more than 500 confirmed human
infections in China, with 17 deaths thus far – limited to the Wuhan
region and exported cases in Thailand, Japan, and the Republic of Korea,
Hong Kong, and the U.S. All infections were in persons who had traveled
from Wuhan, China.

To further protect the health of persons in the U.S. during the
emergence of this new coronavirus, the CDC began entry screening of
passengers on direct and connecting flights from Wuhan to the main ports
of entry in the United States.

UC San Diego is working with UC San Diego Health Infection Prevention to
identify students that may have an infection due to the Wuhan
coronavirus, in order to expedite their care and to minimize the risk of
transmission to other students.

  • If you have been in Wuhan, China within the past 14 days and you
    develop a fever with cough or difficulty breathing, please call Student
    Health Services at 858-534-3302 or 858-534-6296. Let the nurse you speak
    to know that you were in Wuhan and that you have a fever with cough or
    difficulty breathing. We will ensure that you are promptly evaluated.
  • When Student Health Services is closed, please call our After Hours
    Advice Nurse at 858-534-3300 or go to the UC San Diego Health Urgent
    Care or Emergency Room.


In good health,
Stacie San Miguel, MD
Director of Medical Services
Student Health Services
UC San Diego Health

01/16/2020: Statement on Iran Conflict

Access the full Statement on the Student Affairs Announcements and News webpage.


DATE: January 16, 2020
FROM: Vice Chancellor Petitt and Vice Chancellor Satterlund
TO: Campus Community and Constituents


Over the past week(s), we have all heard reports about escalating tensions between the United States and Iran. Some of these stories have raised concerns on our campus. As disturbing as the news may be for all of us, we share a particular concern for members of our community who may be more directly affected by these events because of their country of origin, citizenship, ties to the Middle East, or military affiliation.

It is of critical importance that we ensure the safety and emotional well-being of all of our students, faculty and staff. Our Principles of Community state our commitment to the highest standards of civility and decency toward all. In times of conflict and uncertainty it is especially important to come together and lead with our values.

We want to ensure that everyone is aware of the following resources that are available should anyone feel the need for support.

Your well-being is our priority during these challenging times. If there are other ways that we can support you, please let us know.



Becky R. Petitt
Vice Chancellor – Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Alysson M. Satterlund
Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs

01/09/2020: Commitment to Student-Centered Mental Health Resources





January 9, 2020


SUBJECT:    Commitment to Student-Centered Mental Health Resources


Rising Demand for Mental Health Services Spurs Expansion of Student Well-being Resources at UC San Diego

Recent studies assessing the well-being of college students have highlighted the increasing need for mental health services at universities across the country, UC San Diego included. As a result, campus leaders have been working diligently to better understand unmet student mental health needs, and how better to address them.

Chancellor Pradeep Khosla, Executive Vice Chancellor Elizabeth Simmons, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Alysson Satterlund, and UC San Diego Health CEO Patty Maysent are working together to develop new programs to offer students greater access to mental health resources.

While this effort continues, it is important that students are aware of services currently available to them. Below, please find a summary of existing and new resources, and visit for frequently asked questions and further information.


Existing Mental Health Services for Students

UC San Diego provides a holistic continuum of care, including acute psychiatric treatment and specialized interventions if needed. These programs are invaluable to support the mental health and academic success of students who may need the highest level of outpatient psychiatric comprehensive care.

The cornerstone is Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Launched in the late-1960s and accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, these integrated, student-focused services support academic success and personal development and well-being.

CAPS has nearly one dozen locations and embedded staff across campus, encompassing all of the undergraduate colleges, plus Galbraith Hall Central Office, Student Health Services, the International Programs and Students Office, OASIS and the Women’s Center.

All requests begin with a phone consultation (858-534-3755) during which a variety of services can be accessed, including single drop-in appointments, urgent appointments, recurring sessions, group classes, chronic and specialized care (e.g. disordered eating, addiction services, etc.) and online resources.

Urgent appointments are made same day for a range of situations, including suicidal thoughts, trauma, grief, panic attacks—anything that is disruptive enough to get in the way of daily life and productivity, such as attending class or completing assignments. Emergency services are always available to support the mental health and academic success of students who need the highest level of comprehensive outpatient psychiatric care.

Recognizing that mental health concerns don’t always happen during regular office hours, online appointments are available through LiveHealth Online. This tele-mental health service provides secure, online video visits with board-certified, licensed mental health professionals. The service is covered by UC SHIP, and no referral is needed.

Through the iFlourish initiative, all students also have access to free online, interactive resources. Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) facilitates students’ self-care for anonymous help with anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns through interactive tools and exercises.

Every UC San Diego student also has access to daily drop-in groups, with no appointment required. Led by a CAPS mental health expert, topics include building confidence, managing stress, biofeedback and self-regulation exercises.

The College Mental Health Program is offered through UC San Diego Health and includes subspecialty services in addiction, mood disorders, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and many other mental health-related issues. UC San Diego Health employs some of the most highly regarded mental health physicians in the country.


New Services for Students

This month, CAPS will pilot a new video appointment program with CAPS providers using a secure online platform enabled by Epic - our electronic health record system. Taking the place of an in-person visit, this format is ideal for those who commute or who prefer to speak to a CAPS counselor from the comfort of their own space.

Let’s Talk, an informal, drop-in conversation, is held each week at a different location on campus. Similar to faculty office hours, these sessions introduce students to what it is like to speak with a psychologist. You will learn about additional resources and may be referred to a formal appointment.

CAPS is expanding. It is actively recruiting to fill three newly funded psychologist vacancies, with a focus on increasing diversity and LGBTQ services. Additionally, CAPS will offer extended hours beginning in February, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday - Friday, to allow for late-afternoon appointments.

It is important to us that our students know they are not alone in any trouble they may face during their time at UC San Diego. Students should never be afraid to ask for help. UC San Diego is committed to promoting the mental health and well-being of everyone on campus and to creating a community where all of us flourish.