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(Updated: July 10, 2020)

The UC San Diego campus has been working vigorously to support our students through the COVID-19 pandemic and move to remote learning. We have compiled some of the COVID-19 campus resources that are available to you here.

Compilation of UC San Diego FAQs During COVID-19 and Remote Learning

UC San Diego Coronavirus Websites for Students

  • Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for the UC San Diego Community. On this website you will find resources and relevant links for students, faculty, researchers and staff, as well as policies for university travelers.
  • As was emphasized in the March 24 campus notice: Lectures delivered in real-time must also be made available in an asynchronous format (such as a recording or podcast) via Canvas to ensure students who are ill or in another time zone can fully participate in the course.  Remote teaching should be structured to allow for faculty-student interactions through synchronous or asynchronous means (including virtual office hours via Zoom, Canvas chat, etc.) in a manner that approximates the expected total faculty-student contact hours for the regular course. 

COVID-19 Student Affairs Resources and Information


Coronavirus Information for International Students

  • A list of frequently asked questions about travel, enrollment, employment and campus resources for F-1 and J-1 international students.


COVID-19 FAQ on Educational Continuity

  • Given the rapid spread of COVID-19, UC San Diego needs to prepare to intensify the use of remote course delivery during Winter and Spring quarter, to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our community while enabling students to continue their academic progress. This FAQ includes answers to specific, non-technical questions about how we can preserve our educational mission.

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

If you – or someone you know - need(s) to speak with someone or are feeling overwhelmed, please refer to the resources below.

CAPS offers counseling to help students in crisis or who are feeling stress.

The Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs: The Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs - Alysson Satterlund - welcomes your questions, suggestions, and/or feedback at 858-534-4370 or .

The Undergraduate Colleges: The undergraduate college Deans of Student Affairs are available to provide personalized support and assistance:

The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs in the Graduate Division - April Bjornsen - is available to you at 858-534-3550 or .

The Graduate Division and Departments: In addition, the Graduate Coordinator or Faculty Advisor in your academic department are excellent resources as well.

International Students and Programs Office (ISPO)

If your studies are interrupted, we strongly encourage you to meet with an international student advisor to discuss possible implications for your immigration or academic status.

Basic Needs and Financial Assistance

The Hub: Basic Needs Center

The Hub: Basic Needs Center offers students the opportunity to engage in and link to Basic Needs resources.

iTable Food and Housing Security Program: 

This program specifically serves the unique needs of our international student population by providing them with immediate food and housing security resources. COVID-19 Update: With generous support from the Associated Students International Student Support Initiative, the iTable program now includes additional emergency and special relief funding for students experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19-related challenges. Please fill out the iTable Referral Form below for support.

Student Health Services

Regardless of the type of insurance you have (UC SHIP or otherwise), Student Health services for COVID-19 care are available to all students.  

If students have symptoms of COVID-19 whether they live on or off campus, we encourage you to come to SHS for COVID-19 testing at no cost (again, regardless of insurance). Parking is free and convenient, directly in front of SHS.  

If a student knows that they have been exposed to a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, or the student has been informed by a health official that they have been exposed, please call Student Health Services at 858-534-3300 for clinical guidance and next steps, including testing.  

If students need to show a negative COVID test to travel and reenter their home country, Student Health Services is available to conduct the test. To schedule, students should call 858-543-3300. NOTE: There is a small administrative fee for COVID testing for travel clearance purposes. 

UC San Diego Housing and Quarantine Requirements

On July 1, 2020, the San Diego County Public Health Services issued an Order that now requires a 14-day quarantine period for individuals arriving or returning from travel from ALL international locations. In addition, the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines recommend that individuals arriving in the U.S. from ALL international locations should stay home for 14 days after returning from travel (quarantine), monitor their health, and practice social distancing. Please reference the CDC guidance on Returning from International Travel. 

Because of the San Diego County Public Health Services order requirement and CDC guidelines, newly admitted and continuing Fall 2020 students coming from international locations will be required to self-quarantine for 14-days after arrival in San Diego. 

  • Students with Fall 2020 on-campus housing contracts: They can complete the quarantine period in specially designated on-campus housing with no additional housing fees. Students will be charged for meals that will be delivered to the housing unit during quarantine. The on-campus housing option will be available from August 27-September 3, 2020 in order to allow enough time to complete the required quarantine period before the beginning of the Fall term. 
  • Students without on-campus housing contracts or those who arrive AFTER September 3: They can complete the quarantine period at an off-campus location with family and/or friends. In addition, local hotel options will be available from Housing Dining Hospitality (HDH) by July 10, 2020. Students would be responsible for their own housing and meals costs. 

For more information related to quarantine housing: 

Campus Quick Reference


Financial Aid & Scholarships Office

Graduate Division

Housing Dining Hospitality

International Students & Programs Office

Office of Admissions

Student Success Coaching Program

Teaching + Learning Commons

The Colleges