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ISPO Community Building Circles are a shared space for international students to have supportive conversations about various topics that are relevant to the international student experience at UC San Diego. Co-facilitated by ISPO staff, these circles will allow your voice and experience to be heard, while at the same time provide you with the opportunity to share resources and make actionable steps forward to support your success at and beyond UC San Diego.


Program Information

  • Monday, October 12 at 7 pm (PST) - Social Justice 
    • On October 12th, this Community Building Circle will focus on Social Justice. For many international students, it can be intimidating to engage in social justice conversations in the United States. For one, there are differences in how race and ethnicity are understood and interpreted in the U.S. versus in other countries. Additionally, many of these dialogues are rooted in the racialized history of the U.S. and often use a specific set of language and vocabulary. Thus, we will be providing a space on Thursday, October 8th for you to ask questions, share your experience, and join a conversation focused on social justice.
  • Thursday, October 27 at 7 pm (PST) - Election 
    • On October 27th, this ISPO Community Building Circle will focus on the fact that it's an Election Year. What does it mean to be an international student studying at a U.S. university during an election year? What does that experience look like for you? Many international students wonder what their rights are when it comes to political representation, voicing opinions, advocacy, the United States. Join us for a conversation where we will explore these questions and more on Thursday, October 27th. 
  • Tuesday, November 17 at 7 pm (PST) - The Global Intersections of the Black Identity
    • The Restorative Justice Circle on The Global Intersections of the Black Identity will be facilitated by the UC San Diego Restorative Justice Committee. Using Restorative Justice Circle practices*, this session is designed to engage participants in community building while processing through the impacts of anti-blackness and xenophobia in the U.S. and abroad.
    • *Restorative Practices provide an inclusive and intentional dialogue around a particular issue affecting a community. In this case it allows folks to openly and authentically discuss the impact of recent anti-black and xenophobic incidents and actions on the domestic and international student communities.