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The iTable Food Security Program is an International Students & Programs Office (ISPO)  program that was launched in 2018 in partnership with UC San Diego’s The Hub , with generous sponsorship from the UC San Diego Basic Needs Committee. This program specifically serves the unique needs of our international student population by providing them with immediate food security resources that are otherwise not available via other means (for example, CalFresh). Our goal is to minimize food insecurity amongst UC San Diego international students in order to support them in pursuing their academic, personal, and professional goals.

To meet this goal, international students may apply for an iTable food packet that includes a combination online gift cards, with a total value of approximately $200.


COVID-19 Update: With generous support from the Associated Students International Student Support Initiative, the iTable program now includes possible additional emergency and special relief funding for students experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19-related challenges. Please fill out the iTable Referral Form below for support.



  • To be eligible to receive support through the iTable Food Security Program, students must be:
    • Currently enrolled at UC San Diego or a continuing student; and
    • An international student in a non-immigrant visa status, such as F-1 or J-1
  • Individuals who are not in a non-immigrant status are eligible for additional financial resources via The Hub.
  • UCSD Extension students are not eligible. Please contact for assistance.

NOTE: iTable funding is dedicated specifically for international students and is not considered a public charge.

iTable Referral Form

This form is to apply for basic needs and emergency relief funds for international students at UC San Diego. It may be used to refer yourself or another individual (must be a currently enrolled UC San Diego student) who is experiencing financial hardship. These funds are dedicated specifically for non-immigrant international students and are not considered public charge funding. The answers you provide on this form will help us understand your financial need and connect you with available resources. This support is a collaboration between Associated Students, Basic Needs Committee and the International Students & Programs Office.

If you are an international student in need of basic needs support or financial assistance, please complete the short questionnaire below. Applicants will receive a response within 2 business days.

ISPO iTable Referral Form

Please be sure to check out additional campus resouces for basic needs support below. 

ISPO Hospitality Station

Currently on pause due to COVID-19*

*Throughout the year, ISPO provides fresh fruit and snacks for any student facing food security needs. Whether its on your way to and from classes, or you’re coming to visit ISPO specifically, we welcome you to our main office on the first floor of Student Center B to take a snack from our basket!

Additional Campus Resources for Food & Housing Insecurity Needs