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Review the many academic and English language resources available to you at UC San Diego that are here to help make your career successful at UC San Diego!


Virtual Learning Resources

Transitioning into the Virtual Space

With UC San Diego's transition to remote learning for Spring 2020, we want to acknowledge that we are all entering an unexpected learning environment. However, we want to emphasize that we will be navigating this unprecedented time together and that you are not alone. As an international student, your resilience and adaptability to new environments are key to navigating these uncertain times and we want to reassure you that the International Student & Programs Office is committed to your continual success. For many of you, this may be your first time learning remotely. We hope this guide can help set you up for success! If you have additional questions or would like to process this information with someone, please do not hesitate to reach out to your coaches. We are here for you!

Tech Terminology Basics

Here are a few terms that you may encounter through remote learning:

  • Remote Learning: instructors and students are separated by time and distance, therefore cannot meet in a traditional classroom for learning to occur.
  • Asynchronous: classes that allow students to complete work whenever it best suits them.
  • Synchronous: classes that require students to log-in at specific times.
  • Learning Management System (LMS): refers to the learning platform used to manage online learning (ex. Canvas).
  • Breakout Rooms: sub-rooms that can be created during a virtual class session for student collaboration.

Tips for Success: Staying Organized


  • Create a solid schedule. Include mandatory class times, build in blocks of study time, and set aside time for yourself as well! 
  • Be mindful of your time. When is the best time for you to be productive with the least amount of distractions? This could look like getting up early before everyone else in your living space wakes up.
  • Set daily study goals. Be realistic with how much you can accomplish in a day and prioritize upcoming assignments/tests.

Tips for Success: Learning in Your Home Environment


  • Share your schedule with others. If you live with others at home (family members/housemates), let them know the times you have class, group meetings, study time, etc.
  • Set communication rules. A good example of a rule is sharing with others that headphones in means do not disturb!
  • Set up a good work environment. Creating a consistent work space can help mentally prepare yourself for productivity. 
  • Limit distractions. Consider turning off your cellphone or closing unrelated browser tabs during class/study time.

Tips for Success: Working Across Time Zones


  • Reach out to your professors. If you are taking a course that is synchronous at an inconvenient time due to your location, reach out to your professor to see if there are alternate, asynchronous opportunities for you. Also ask how you can continue to engage in the course asynchronously. 
  • Overcommunicate your schedule with others. Whether you are navigating your course commitments, work schedule, group projects, or just wanting to schedule time to see your peers virtually, it is crucial that you communicate with them any challenges you may be facing due to different time zones. Try to work together to find a convenient time for all parties to meet.
  • Monitor the local time at UC San Diego. Keeping track of the local time at UC San Diego can help you be mindful of the times resources and immediate assistance is available for you. This can be done by utilizing the world clock on your smart phones or by using an app!

Tips for Success: Engaging with Others


  • Set-up virtual study groups/hangouts. Virtual study groups with classmates can help to keep one another accountable with assignments and virtual social hangouts are useful for checking-in with your friends!
  • Take advantage of virtual programming. A lot of the spaces on-campus are offering virtual programs and workshops. Use these opportunities to stay connected with the campus community.
  • Connect with your faculty. Attend virtual office hours and reach out to your faculty right away if you are having any difficulties with the course.

Tips for Success: Managing Stress


  • Utilize campus resources. Participate in a free mindfulness session and/or visit CAPS for full, virtual access to all of their services.
  • Take care of your mental health: At a time of uncertainty, you may feel like there is a loss in what you can control. These tips for protecting your mental health can help ease the stress that comes with uncertainty.

Tips for Success: Campus Resources


Academic Resources

College and Department Academic Advising

Academic Integrity Office

  • Academic Integrity Advising: Students are able to book private and confidential, one-on-one appointments with an AI Peer Educator. In these meetings they can discuss anything related to the AI process or Policy and learn the expectations and standards for completing their academic work.
    • Available: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Peer Educator Program: Our Peer Educators advise students, receive awesome leadership experience, gain a supportive community, and feel the satisfaction of making a difference and helping their peers. Peer Educators promote integrity and educate students on ethics. You can become a peer educator too!
    • Available: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Academic Integrity Review Board: Students accused of academic misconduct can have the allegation reviewed by the Academic Integrity Review Board (AIRB). Students can apply to serve as an AIRB member.
    • Available: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Excell with Integrity Contest: Every year, UC San Diego coordinates an Excel with Integrity Contest. We ask undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs -- “how do you excel with integrity?” This contest is open to all UCSD undergraduates, graduate students and post-docs. Submit a drawing, video, song or written piece that expresses how you excel with integrity, or why you think it is important to excel with integrity. Everybody loves free money!
    • Available: Fall, Winter, Spring

Analytical Writing Program

Analytical Writing Program: It is designed to help you master the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that will enable you to succeed at the university and in your professional lives. We offer two course options for those who have not yet met the university’s Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR).
  • Available: Fall, Winter, Spring

College Writing Programs

Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs

  • Featured Events: list of upcoming events, student organization activities, and new resources and opportunities for graduate students.
    • Available: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs Workshops: provide incoming students with much-needed information about campus resources and opportunities, as well as advice and tips on how to succeed in graduate school, from the financial side of life, to the social and academic.
    • Available: Fall

Office of Academic Support & Instructional Services (OASIS)

  • Language Arts Tutorial Services Program (LATS): OASIS LATS provides tutoring support for students with critical writing, reading, and study skills. LATS tutors and staff welcome and support international students and ELL students.
  • Math and Science Tutorial Program (MSTP): OASIS math and science workshops are group study-sessions led by a tutor that explains course concepts and encourages a collaborative learning environment.
  • OASIS Learning Communities (OLCs): OASIS helps you bridge the gap between your academic and social lives through our OASIS Learning Communities (OLCs).
  • OASIS Programs: offers opportunities to proactively engage in structured experiences in order to ensure academic success, student retention, and social satisfaction.

Teaching & Learning Commons (TLC)

The Library

Workshops at The Library: All instructional workshops are open to UCSD students, staff, and faculty. San Diego area health professionals may also attend the workshops space permitting. PubMed workshops are open to everyone. Individual / group consultations and customized workshops on these or other topics are also available. Contact Karen Heskett to request a consultation.
  • Available: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

International Students & Programs Office (ISPO)

  • Triton Edge Program: intended for incoming international freshman students, this program entails 5 weeks of rigorous academics, intentional programming and allows for early acclimation for students prior to orientation.
    • Available: Summer


English Language Resources

International Students & Programs Office (ISPO)

  • English-in-Action Conversation Program: cultural exchange for students to grow more proficient in conversational English. Students are matched with other UCSD students/staff as well as members of the local community
    • Available: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

UC San Diego Extension

  • English Language Institute (ELI): offers a wide variety of programs, developed for international students of all levels of English proficiency, from beginner to advanced. Programs include Intensive Academic English, University Preparation Academy, Academic Advancement Through Service Learning, English for Engineering and Technology, and many others.
    • Available: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
  • EAPD: UC San Diego Extension’s English for Academic and Professional Development (EAPD) program offers evening courses for international students to develop their English language skills in the following subject areas: Academic, Business, and Technical Writing; Conversation and Oral Presentation; Grammar and Vocabulary; and Pronunciation and Fluency.
    • Available: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

UC San Diego Language Laboratory

This self-help laboratory offers cassette tapes in English as a Second Language, conversation, listening comprehension and pronunciation. A UC San Diego Visiting Scholar ID card or Student ID card is required. There is no fee for the lab’s services.

Language Conversation and Exchange

English Conversation Tables with the "Friends"

This event is hosted by the Friends of the International Center. Join us every Tuesday and Friday in the Dance Hall in UC 409 from 10:00 a.m. to noon and make some friends, have fun, or come practice English! No application necessary and all are welcome! Light refreshments are often provided.

I-House Language Conversation Tables

Language Conversation Tables are one of International House's most popular programs. Each quarter a variety of language tables are hosted and attended by students, staff, faculty, and anyone from the public willing to join. Language Tables provide the chance to teach and learn a language in a natural environment, through conversation with someone who is fluent in that language. They take place weekly.

Language Exchange

Help someone learn your language and enjoy conversational practice in their language in exchange. Just join the Language Exchange Facebook Page and post your native language,  what language you'd like to practice, your contact information and any other information you'd like to share. Partners will contact each other through Facebook and start practicing each others' language!

Community Resources

English classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level adults are available both during the day and in the evening in San Diego County. Call the school to find out how to register. Class schedules are available at each center or at the San Diego Public Libraries in the community.

San Diego Continuing Education Centers

Students may enroll at any time during the year. Classes are available at no cost. For further information, visit the website:

Centre City Center
1400 Park Blvd (Downtown)
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 388-4600

North City Center
8401 Aero Drive
San Diego, CA 92123
(619) 388-1800

Community Colleges
Classes start at the beginning of each semester and are available for a fee.

Mesa College
7250 Mesa College Drive
San Diego, CA 92111
(619) 388-2600

Miramar College
10440 Black Mountain Road
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 536-7800

Mira Costa College 
*San Elijo Campus
3333 Manchester Drive
Cardiff, CA 92007
(760) 944-4449

*Oceanside Campus
1 Barnard Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056
(760) 757-2121

Palomar College
1140 West Mission Road
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 744-1150

Additional Language Resources